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My passion is hair…literally!  Nothing makes me happier than giving women the hair they have always dreamed of.  Some of us have struggled all our lives trying to find ways to deal with our fine unmanageable hair.  Our hair that never grows and lays flat no matter what products we use. Have you ever said to yourself, “why can’t I have hair like hers?”  We all wish at one time or another that we had what we don’t have.  Now you can!  Hair extensions can and will change your life.

Hair Enhancements

In your mind, you carry a picture of yourself and how you think you look. If you're experiencing thinning hair, that's probably not reflected in your mind's picture. You see yourself with hair. Why shouldn't you?

hat's the real you. The question is, how do you become the real you again? Not just in your mind and spirit, but body, too? The answer is to renew!

Renew Hair Restoration at Twist Hair Studio Minneapolis.

RENEW! is all about you!
The way you look, the way you feel, the way you think, the way you relate to others, the way you want them to relate to you.

REVIEW: You already know why you're thinning.
You're probably already aware of why your hair is thinning. The reasons are either androgenic - hormone related - or due to stress, pregnancy, poor diet or medical treatments. If it's the latter, your hair may grow back. But...
If you're like the 90-95% of women who suffer from hormonal-related thinning, your hair will never look better than it does now. And the condition might worsen.

REASSESS: Do you really want to go on as you are now?
The fact that you're reading this indicates that you're at least concerned about your thinning hair.

Maybe you've tried different hairstyles-some of which were less than flattering-to cover your hair problem. Maybe you've tried a scarf, a hat, Rogaine or some other topical lotion. Whatever you've tried, you're probably not satisfied with the results. If you're reading this, you probably already know if you really want to go on as you are now.

REANALYZE: What Renew! can do.
Renew! isn't growing hair. Once you can get past that, you'll see that Renew! can do just about anything that growing hair can. Renew! is 100% human hair. It looks, moves, and feels like growing hair. It takes color and curl like growing hair. It cuts, styles and blows out like growing hair.

Revive: How do you want to look?
You know which of your features you'd most like to soften and which you'd most like to emphasize. You know that nothing helps you achieve those objectives better than a full head of hair and the right hairstyle.

With Renew!, you can choose any style, length, degree of volume, or texture you like, You can choose to have Renew! duplicate the hair you had before you started thinning, or go beyond what you used to have...all the way to the head of hair that you wished you had again.

REVITALIZE: Renew! is you.
Once you've chosen what you want to accomplish, Jan will tell you in great detail exactly how Renew! can help. Renew! has many different applications to help you achieve what you have had in mind.

Whatever your choice, you're guaranteed of one thing: Renew! is so advanced, you'll achieve an amazingly natural appearance. There's nothing fake-looking or any indication that Renew@ is anything but your own growing hair. Renew! is you, because Renew! looks like it's part of you.