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Hair Extension Care Tips - - Minnetonka - Hopkins - Twin Cities

Cleansing Hair Extensions

Prior to shampooing it's important to detangle your hair using a wet brush and or a loop brush. Start at the bottom of your extensions and work upward. Good quality shampoo and conditioner is essential to keep your extensions shining and healthy. Do not use any products that contain sillicon or oil. The only exception is using Moroccan oil directly on the hair after shampooing. Do not apply conditioner directly on the bond attachments. Absorb excess water after shampooing never rubbing the hair. Leaving the hair wet can cause the attachment to loosen and let go of the extension.

Always blow dry your hair after shampooing and never sleep with wet hair.

Combing and Detangling your Extensions

A good leave-in detangler will help you glide through your hair putting less stress on your hair. When brushing your hair it's a good practice to hold onto each section at the attachment to reduce tugging.

Styling your Hair Extensions

Always use low heat setting when blow drying your hair. You can use all styling tools on medium heat heat setting. Use styling aids sparing to avoid them from getting close to the attachment. Spending time in a lot of in a pool or swimming is not recommended. Moisture build up can reduce your wearing time because excessive water can reduce wearing time due to bond prematurely breaking down and letting go of the extension.

Following a good hair care regimen will make wearing your extensions a great experience and will keep them in place and looking beautiful!