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Hair Extension Methods

There is so much information on the internet regarding hair extension methods so I thought I would make it easier to understand the differences when searching for the best methods for you!

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions have been around for a long time and have only gotten better with the advancement in bonding adhesives and quality control. These hair extensions are the most popular method because of their longeity and natural look. There are applied strand by strand in rows that build fullness and length to match the density of your natural hair. There is no detection between your hair and the extension hair. Your own natural hair has different hues and I am a master at matching the extension hair to your natural hair giving you a full head of beautiful hair. Extension hair comes in several lengths. 12" to 24". Can offer clients natural curly hair that has not been permed, spiral hair, Ombre hair and of course silky straight. Bonds can be made from Keratin or polymer and depending on the quality of the extensions these are long wearing and can last 3 to 6 months depending on the care of the extensions and products that are used while wearing them. These also have little maintenance so less time in the salon. Once they are ready to be removed I use a removal product that gently breaks open the bond and the extension slides off.

Micro Fusion Extensions

These are tiny fusion extensions that can be placed in areas that need to fill in thinning areas on the head and can be hidden from detection. This is a quick and easy way to give you instant fullness in those troubling areas.

I-Tip, Cylinder or beaded Hair Extensions

Clients love these extensions because of easy application without using heat to attach the extension. They are put in strand by strand and even rows also creating fullness and length. Not all I-tips are the same. I am able to offer long lasting tips that can be used over several months without replacing the extension These extensions work best on curly or wavy hair of medium to corse hair texture. They are require regular maintenance appointments to keep them attached close to the head. Usually its as simple as sliding the bead back closer to the head without removal. Also come in a variety of colors lengths and textures.

Seamless or Tape Extensions

These hair extensions have become very popular among clients looking for lots of fullness and length a fraction of the time to apply other methods of extensions. I offer a variety of types that have a strong polyurethane band that is thin and so comfortable to wear. They come in many color and also blended colors that matches the tones of your natural hair. These require regular maintenance appointments and can be rescued over several months with proper care.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Now you can have weft hair extensions without the bulky and uncomfortable braid that is traditionally associated with weft extensions. Super light weight and beaded to your natural hair. These are custom cut to fit any head shape. These are also reusable and require regular salon appointments.

Top of the Head Hair Extensions

If you are someone who is missing the fullness on top of your head this method can give you just the fullness you have been missing. No adhesive is needed to attach your top extension. This can be worn in conjunction with hair extensions giving you long beautiful full hair you have always dreamed about.

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